Be Frugal-er 23 Ways to Reduce Your Essential Expenses

Essential expenses include things such as mortgage/rent, heating, power, water, transportation, insurance, etc. Essential expenses are probably the bulk of your outgoing cash each month, likely making up 70-80% of your total expenses. Focusing on reducing this portion of your expenses will typically yield you a bigger bang for your buck, unlike smaller expenses likeContinue reading “Be Frugal-er 23 Ways to Reduce Your Essential Expenses”

Introduction- Retire Early & Financial Independence Goals

This post describes my background and goals. Everyone’s goals are different. If you want to retire early, when do you want to retire and how much money will you need? Write it down. That’s what I am doing. Hello and welcome to my first blog post! If you are still reading by my first sentence,Continue reading “Introduction- Retire Early & Financial Independence Goals”

We Have Debt – 10 Things You Need to do to Get Out of Debt

What are you going to do about that debt? In this post, I will outline steps for getting out of debt and show our plan. In my last blog post, I mentioned debt. It pains me to admit this: we have debt. We have credit card debt. We have student loans (all mine). We haveContinue reading “We Have Debt – 10 Things You Need to do to Get Out of Debt”

12 Financial Lessons from my Parents and my Background

Learn from your parent’s financial mishaps, don’t follow. I want to start by writing that I love my parents very much. They taught me many great lessons as they raised me,  but they have not made the best financial decisions.  Both Mom and Dad have high school diplomas. My dad worked labor at a SteelContinue reading “12 Financial Lessons from my Parents and my Background”