Do You Really Need a Brand New Car?

No. A brand new car is a nice luxury that most yearn for, including myself. I can easily finance a new car, but since my focus is to be financially independent, I will not. What does a brand new car cost you? If you can pay cash, which you should if you can afford itContinue reading “Do You Really Need a Brand New Car?”

Be Frugal-er 23 Ways to Reduce Your Essential Expenses

Essential expenses include things such as mortgage/rent, heating, power, water, transportation, insurance, etc. Essential expenses are probably the bulk of your outgoing cash each month, likely making up 70-80% of your total expenses. Focusing on reducing this portion of your expenses will typically yield you a bigger bang for your buck, unlike smaller expenses likeContinue reading “Be Frugal-er 23 Ways to Reduce Your Essential Expenses”

Cooking with FIRE. 15 ways to reduce your grocery budget

Groceries budgets can vary vastly depending on the type of food you purchase. If you are looking to reduce this budget item, you might be surprised how easy you can lower it. I budget $350/month for 2 adults for our groceries and most of the time, we are under budget. Cutting your grocery bill inContinue reading “Cooking with FIRE. 15 ways to reduce your grocery budget”

How ReFinancing Can Help You FIRE

Refinancing your mortgage is a quick way to save extra cash through interest savings. You can also benefit from a lower payment as well, allowing to save more money each month. How much can refinancing really save you? Your savings could be ten of thousands of dollars throughout the life of your loan. Here’s aContinue reading “How ReFinancing Can Help You FIRE”

20 Ways to Make Extra Cash – Get to Financial Independence Faster

Making extra cash is a fantastic way to increase your savings rate. If your goal is to retire early, why not spend some of your time getting more cash to invest? For Mrs. FFR and I, we budget monthly based on our income from our full time jobs. Any extra money we make through side-hustles,Continue reading “20 Ways to Make Extra Cash – Get to Financial Independence Faster”