The Top 2 Ways to Prioritize Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt is one of the first things you should focus on before maximizing your savings in pursuit of financial independence. If you have a lot of different debts, what order should you pay them off? This questions has left many borrowers scratching their heads, however the large consensus agrees with 2 different approaches-Continue reading “The Top 2 Ways to Prioritize Paying Off Debt”

10 Ways to Reduce Your Expenses and Gain $200k or More

Becoming financially independent can be a slow process, taking many years to achieve. Simply lowering your expenses, allowing you to save more money and increasing your savings rate, will help you retire even earlier. If you reduce your expenses you can retire years earlier! Let’s say you currently save $2,000 per month. You make aContinue reading “10 Ways to Reduce Your Expenses and Gain $200k or More”

Budgeting to Help you FIRE

If you live on a fixed income, budgeting your monthly expenses will help you FIRE earlier. Many financially independent people, attest that budgeting helped them reach their goals and allowed them to retire earlier. Knowing where your money is going is half the battle. If you know where your money is going each month, youContinue reading “Budgeting to Help you FIRE”