Making extra cash is a fantastic way to increase your savings rate.

If your goal is to retire early, why not spend some of your time getting more cash to invest?

For Mrs. FFR and I, we budget monthly based on our income from our full time jobs. Any extra money we make through side-hustles, goes directly to pay down our debts or into an ETF.

In this post, I will explore ways you can make some extra money. Here’s some ways to make some extra dollars!

  1. Overtime
    • If you have the opportunity for overtime, this is the easiest way to make extra money.
    • Overtime also gives you the opportunity to save more into a work retirement account (401k, 403b, etc).
  2. Second Job
    • If you have the time for a second job, you can make some decent cash through part time employment.
    • Mrs. FFR does a second job every semester at a local university as an adjunct professor.
  3. Rental Properties
    • This requires upfront capital to get a loan, but can be a good source of income if your rent is larger than the mortgage on the property. Of course, there is a potential downside of not having renters or having bad tenants.
  4. Gig economy jobs – contract based work
    • Examples include: Postmates, Instacart, Amazon Flex, Shipt, Doordash, Grubhub, Uber, and Lyft.
    • Taskrabbit is also a great app to find small jobs if you are a skilled laborer.
  5. Peer-2-Peer Lending
    • Individuals, businesses, & startups borrow money from you online.
    • Examples: Lending Club
  6. Airbnb / VRBO
    • Rent out your extra room or property for money
  7. Blogging
    • If you get a very large following, it is possible to make money on blogging multiple ways.
    • Examples: Website displays ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts
  8. eBook Writing
    • If you are the creative type, Amazon makes it easy to publish and sell your book
  9. Create digital products
    • Courses, webinars, software, etc
  10. YouTube
    • If you get a very large following, it is possible to make income on YouTube videos multiple ways.
    • Examples: Displaying ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored videos
  11. Stock Photography
    • Take high quality, intriguing images and post them to sites for sale.
    • Examples: ShutterStock, iStock
  12. Creating mobile Apps
    • Requires coding knowledge and experience
  13. Design and Art
    • Create artwork that companies print for you
    • Examples: RedBubble, merch by Amazon
  14. Website Domains
    • Buy and resell web domains
    • Examples: GoDaddy, Flippa
  15. Build a website to sell
    • Construct, design, build, and gather enough visitors/day to sell.
  16. Ebay / Amazon
    • Sell your unused goods or flip items by buying at a lower cost at thrift shops, garage sales, or clearance sections at brick and mortar stores.
  17. Cash back offers
    • Get cash back offer by signing up for credit cards, investing applications, bank account, etc. Watch out for fees.
  18. Sign up bonuses
    • Look for sign up bonuses on any service you routinely use.
  19. mTurk
    • Complete various tasks, surveys, etc for money
  20. Instagram Influencer
    • Gather a large following and make money from affiliates and other marketing.

There is no sure-FIRE (pun) way to make extra cash fast, many of these things take up time. I tried to list them in order of easiest barrier to entry to hardest barrier to entry.

Do you side-hustle? How do you make extra cash?


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