Monthly Milestone #1 – September 2020

Welcome to my first monthly update, since starting this blog!

FI is a long road

I will be covering our debt, assets, and net worth and will provide graphs and charts since Mrs Free Runner and I started tracking in April of 2019.

I will also include how close we are to our goal of FI, which is $2.5 Million in savings with a paid off mortgage.

Be Accountable

The main point of these monthly posts are to hold my self accountable on my journey to Financial Independence.

Here is are progress since April of 2019:

DateApril 2019Sept 2020% Change
Savings$ 121,000$170,000+40.5%
Net Worth$193,000$293,000+51.8%
April 2019 to September 2020 Progress

Savings includes retirement accounts, HYSAs, and taxable accounts. Debt started with financing for a fence, car loan, credit cards, and student loans; it is now just student loans and credit cards.

Net worth includes equity on home, value of cars, and value of other physical assets.

Financial Free Progress Visualized – Total Savings, Debt, and Mortgage

It is nice to see some progress visually! My debt (red line) is going down, my savings (blue line) is going up, and my mortgage is doing down (at a slow rate).

Total Assets and Debts

Here’s more granular detail. It’s interesting to see the effects of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) impact to the retirement accounts in March-May 2020.

Plans for October 2020

The plans for October 2020 are to pay down the credit card debt completely. This will be the primary focus.

I was paying an extra $300/month on our mortgage payment, but I have decided to stop that. Instead, we will be preparing to pay of the remaining of the student loan balance ($18.5k) before interest restarts in January of 2021.

How Close am I to my FI Goal?

I am 7.44% into saving for my FI goal of $2.5M.

Current Savings Vs. Target Savings

As you can see, we have a long way to go.

Closing Thoughts

Although I have be logging our finances since April 2019, this is the first time I have graphed our progress.

It is very nice to visualize our progress and this will help us keep on track!

What is your progress since you started pursuing FIRE?


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